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January 12, 2011


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Coach Handbags

careless move may lose the whole game


The voice of reason speaks softly. The voices of bigotry, provincialism, nationalism and pride must shout themselves hoarse -- not because the forum of discourse is so loud -- but because they are voices loving only themselves and passionately trying to drown all others out.

A man once showed how a loss of civility preceded the fall of the major empires--Roman, Ottoman... the list is fairly long. My fear is that this behavior of inarticulate harangue is the first note of taps being played for the West.




Thank you for your kind message. To imagine the possibility of teaching ways of thinking (and interacting) that are both civil and critical is pleasant to contemplate. :-)



Dorit Sasson

Excellent post. I especially enjoyed the tips on practicing civil discourse. As language educators, there are so many opportunities for us to integrate these kinds of "teachable moments" beyond the level of language learning.

Dorit Sasson
The New Teacher Resource Coaching Center

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