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January 12, 2011


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Wise man have their mouths in their hearts, fools have their hearts in their mouths.

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absolutely agree with the steps you've described. it would be great if everyone followed them

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Street poetaster, "Oh rus! quando te aspiciam V But the method adopted by many persons of acquiring knowledge and information

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ycleped the CockneyPoet, who resides in retirement at , far from the busy scenes of the metropolis: nor need he exclaim, like the drudging Grub

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They are probably acquainted with the adage, "Litters ornamenta hominum sunt et solatia;" and hence they determine to add their mite to the general heap.

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It was long assumed that printing was not a free trade, but always to remain under regulation.

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The commissioners, as they listened to this autobiography, must often have raised their eyes in wonder, on the venerable and dignified author before them.The report was most favourable

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He appealed to the clerks of the records in the Tower, and to other antiquaries , for his free distribution of the manuscripts which he had often discovered.


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There have been recent steps taken to enable more young people from lower income groups to attend.

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People who confess to feeling happy also grin more than others.

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A bird in the hand is worth than two in the bush.

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Nice post. I am here in Taiwan right now where politicians sometimes hit each other. I wonder how much longer it'll be before we reach the same conclusions. Sad times ahead I fear...

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When and what we eat may affect our nighttime rest, if not our tendency toward bad dreams!

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Instead, focus on helping your child understand and deal with his or her experiences!

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