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August 19, 2010


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I like the ability to connect the old (rotary phone) with modern technology. Hmmm, party line cell phones . . .


I think there has been a dramatic increase in FDA warning letters the past two years. I track the ones on clinical trials and you casan read about them on my blog, Carl’s Blog on FDA Stuff

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I am pleased to announce that I will be facilitating a pre-conference workshop on personal branding at the 2010 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education for the American Marketing Association on November 7 at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina in San Diego. This will be the fifth time that I have had the opportunity to present. In the past I have presented case studies for higher education branding projects that I have led working for an institution, and as a consultant. The session this year will be focus on the process of developing a personal brand strategy.

When people go to conferences they are looking for takeaways that they can immediately apply to their job, career or life. In this case, attendees will be able to do all three. The Symposium is a great place for learning about case studies and how higher edasdf ucation institutions have succeeded in areas like branding. To my knowledge this will be the first time a session is devoted to branding on a personal level. It might be one of the few sessions that has been devoted to people, not schools.

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People who confess to feeling happy also grin more than others.

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I have been teaching English for the last 15 years and even i agree with the author that the demand for this language is huge and that there is a shortage of quality English teachers. teachers who have an excellent command over the language never have to worry about the wages. My first brush with teaching English was when i got a chance to Teach English Abroad and i fell in love with my work. we need people who have genuine passion for the language.

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It's a shame that very little empirical evidence is known on this question. I've been working on some experiments, but need to finish up those working papers with the results.

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Thai is what I call..UNITY IN DIVERSITY !! Doesn't matter where we belong but we have some common liking that we tend to unite together. And learning english which is a business language now a days happens to be an uniting factor to all. :)

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Anybody who wanna teach english in CHINA?
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Brock Brady


I was glad I could help. What have your teaching experiences been?



You cannot even imagine how helpful your article has been to me! I have read the book, suggested by http://www.pdfspirit.com/informator-za-upis-u-srednje-skole-2010 a ebooks search engine, and felt completely confused. But thanks to your article I have finally understood everything. Thank you!!!

Brock Brady


Yes, two hours a weeks is so little and yet it seems like administrators expect us to do so much with so little time. This is another concern I find almost everywhere. We have few contact hours with our students in English class yet at the end of college (or maybe even high school) it is expected that they perform like highly proficient language users.

Fabiana Azurmendi

Well, I teach EFL in Argentina. Students are not much interested at school and it is difficult to engage them to participate, specially orally..
My native language is Spanish and I am pursuing a certification to teach Spanish as a foreign Language and ESL.

As regards Spanish, Although I know all the rules of my language I still feel more comfortable because I ve been trained pedagogically. Methods and pedagogy and Knowledge of the subject is what makes a teacher a professional.

I understand that when teaching ESL, grammar is fundamental, ESL students interact all the time with/in English outside the classroom and they need to "polish it" learning how to use it properly, specially for academic purposes but... Do they master grammar or you need to teach it first? If they are Spanish speakers and you teach them the gerund that follows "to go" probably they will need to know first what a gerund is. The worst part is ,in Spanish, Infinitive follows "to go" and they will ask " how do you say 'a' in English?"
My students of Spanish know nothing about grammar so I cannot explain the rules, they want to learn Spanish and they tell me " if you are a teacher you have to manage to teach me Spanish no Grammar"

I currently teach EFL. In my case it is very important to teach first the function of certain lexical groups to cope with everyday situations. My students at primary school (10 years old) haven t learned grammar yet in their language class, needless to say at kindergarten level. But that is not the worst part, they listen and use English two hours a week.

Lindsay Richman

CORRECTION: Brock, not Bill, sorry.

Lindsay Richman

I currently teach adult ESL at a private language school in New York. However, I am pursuing a masters that leads to K-12 certification. As a Native English Speaking Teacher (NEST), I agree with Bill that it is important to get very good teacher training. As a "NEST," I definitely lacked declarative knowledge of grammar. I never remembered learning the rules. When I first started teaching, I had never taught grammar. I found myself saying, "I know it's right, but I cannot explain why." I suppose this epitomizes my grasp of procedural knowledge and deficiency of declarative knowledge. It was embarrassing, though. While my "global learners" brushed it off, my "local learners" were frustrated. Why didn't I know the rules? I was a native speaker, and therefore a presumed expert of English. I also recall my embarrassment when a student asked me if a verb was transient or intransient. I admit that I had no idea what he meant. I felt that knowing all the tenses was mastering grammar, but that was just the tip of a very large iceberg.

The only way I have learned grammar is to find a good book and teach it. I recommend the Azar series. They're very teacher-friendly. At the beginning, I tried just doing the exercises, which was somewhat helpful. However, actually teaching was much, much better. I had to explain to students, who in turn helped educate me. I actually love teaching grammar now, because I feel like I am learning. Even yesterday, when introducing gerunds that follow "to go, " I learned a new rule. I still cannot explain everything -although I haven't completely taught all three books :) - but I feel much more confident. I've also gotten better at learning inductively myself - recognizing a pattern that I can then explain to students. So, I agree that every English speaker - native or not - needs to understand how to explain the language.

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